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  • Female Patients With Male Surgeons Have Worse Outcomes: Here’s Why

    New research released last week suggests that sex matters when it comes to surgery. Researchers examined the sex of the surgeon and the sex of the patient in over a million surgeries and found that female patients with male doctors fared slightly worse than any other combination. The reason for the disparity likely comes down to communication and relationship-building.
    - Source : Forbes
  • Appropriate instrumentation technique may lead to successful ankle arthroscopy

    In his discussion on performing a successful ankle arthroscopy, James W. Stone, MD, FAANA, said surgeons should use ankle joint distraction when performing the procedure.
    On : 17-Jun-2022
    - Source : Healio
  • Lumbar Radiculopathy Sciatica Vs Plantar Fasciitis

    Pain in your feet can make even simple tasks uncomfortable, negatively impacting your quality of life. There are many conditions that can cause aching or numbness in your feet, including lumbar radiculopathy (sciatica) and plantar fasciitis.
    On : 17-Jun-2022
    - Source : Healthline
  • 6 Things That Cause Bunions and How to Prevent Them

    Bunions don't typically pop up on your feet overnight. So if you notice one is starting to form ? or want to take steps to steer clear completely ? what should you do?
    On : 17-Jun-2022
    - Source : Livestrong
  • Chronic foot pain is no fun Get relief with this simple routine

    For many people, sore, achy feet can be bothersome after walking long distances. But for others, dealing with chronic ankle or heel pain is an everyday occurrence. To help relieve pain or discomfort in the ankles and feet, mobility exercises often focus o
    On : 17-Jun-2022
    - Source : CNN
  • Speaker Focus on strength not range of motion after Achilles tendon repair

    Successful rehabilitation after Achilles tendon repair should focus on strengthening the tendon and surrounding muscles, rather than range of motion, to avoid tendon elongation and functional impairment, according to a presenter.
    On : 17-Jun-2022
    - Source : Healio
  • Osteoarthritis of the Foot and Ankle

    Osteoarthritis can affect joints in any part of the body, including the ankle and foot. Early diagnosis and treatment help people with foot osteoarthritis manage their symptoms
    On : 17-Jun-2022
    - Source : Verywell Health
  • Why Your Feet Hurt When You Wake Up in the Morning

    It might be a sharp, stinging pain that runs along the bottom of your foot. Or maybe your heels feel tight or the top of your feet throb when you wake up. If your feet hurt in the morning, you may be wondering if you?re just getting up on the wrong side o
    On : 17-Jun-2022
    - Source : healthessentials
  • Study Most literature finds more foot ankle injuries on artificial turf

    Athletes may have an increased rate of foot and ankle injuries when playing on artificial turf compared with natural grass, according to results of a systematic literature review presented here.
    On : 17-Jun-2022
    - Source : Healio
  • Jump into Summer Free from Foot Pain

    Summer is almost here and many people are taking advantage of the warmer weather and participating in outdoor activities. According to foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeons, increasing your activity can increase your risk of foot and ankle injuries. As you
    On : 17-Jun-2022
    - Source : AOFAS
  • Osteoarthritis of the Ankle Causes Symptoms Risk Factors and Treatment

    Osteoarthritis is a chronic, degenerative, joint disease. It?s the most common form of arthritis.
    On : 17-Jun-2022
    - Source : healthline